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How the 8 weeks helped Simon:

“Previously, I thought I knew social entrepreneurship - I was active in the scene, had a pitch and a Business model canvas ready, had a coach and a mentor - but this program changed my potential outcomes significantly. I got a much more deep understanding about how my business works and changed my business model significantly, I now know better how investors would see my approach. These 8 weeks changed my perspective on my start-up in a disruptive way. It was the driving force to really concentrate on my start-up with all my energy because this is what I really want to do. This has given me the sense of possibility needed to take some risk and start something I really want.” - Simon, Co-founder of Vensenya,  Germany 


Co.Creator is designed for individual - innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers - who wish to tackle problems and ideas and accelerate them to a startup stage in just 8 weeks. 


Have you been sitting on your idea or problem for more than 3 months?


Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun MIcrosystems, said "90% of venture capitalists don't add value to the startups they advise. Knowing whose advice to take and on what topic may be the single most difficult decision an entrepreneur will have to make." What's worse, he said, most of the advice available to founders from VC on their boards is bad. "I would guess up to 85% of VCs add negative value to a startup in advising them." Instead, he said, he preferes to meet with entrepreneurs one-on-one.


We don't advise. We do one to one. We co-found with you.



"So how does a firm build its power and agility in innovation? The answer is simple and, to my mind, obvious – yet, it is not the direction in which most innovation-seeking firms seem to be channeling their efforts. Having designed and managed innovation programs in a variety of settings, I know that a company’s innovation capacity comes down to its talent pool, and its commitment to building knowledge and competencies one individual at a time." Meghan, Founder of NineSigma, If You Want Innovation, You Have to Invest in People

We don't design innovation programs for large number of employees, conferences, events, workshops,  or keynote speeches for your employees (even though we get asked to all the time). We do one-to-one. We believe that you can only meaningfully move an individual (not a group),  in order to have transformational impact over a short but intense period of time. 

Co.Creator is offered to organisations to use for their employees, to catalyse intra'praneurs. It's designed as a powerful professional development opportunity best utilised for specific people with specific problems, need or ideas inside your organisations. It saves money, reduces risk from the big-bang innovation approach of having to setup an internal incubator. 


imagine us, as your low-risk, high-reward internal incubator

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