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A typical journey of an innovator through the co-founder program

3 Designs

2 Experiments

1 Pilot


Focus on designing multiple business model canvas's with intelligent constraints:

- scale, a big hairy audicious goal;

- cost, like delivering it under x price employing frugal thinking; 

- risk, increase partnerships;

- simplicity, doing only thing

- radical, combining ideas that cross industries, businesses, markets, geographies, and/or customer experiences.

- impact, not just action.


hours of video learning on lean startup


highly relevant reading and assignments which advance your specific hypotheses


customer interviews


hour(s) of one to one calls on a frequent basis  with your virtual co-founder


pivots, iterations, changes, fail-fast


relevant high-value (funders, successful entrepreneurs) global contacts


Group Hangouts with others in your cohort

First 4 weeks



Starting points


End of Program

you decide 

We then move onto defining and testing hypotheses around revenue streams, cost structure, key partners, key resources, channels


We design 1 pilot, with impact measurement at it's heart, which then defines the development of a minimum viable product. 

We use customer development and an adapted Business Model Canvas to develop hypotheses, and get out of the building, to iterate on: 

- defining our understanding and articulation of the problem (through 5 why process, understanding differences providing painkillers or vitamins, design thinking)

- customer proposition, customer segments





Second 4 weeks

You are an entrepreneur  


or an intrapreneur, working on a project, heading up a team, or responsibile for innovations inside your organisation


A problem that you've seen, heard, or experienced 


or an idea or  feeling of a need for a solution


or unsure on where to start with your solution, how to take it forward, whether to take risk on it or not? 


+ tired of those 1-day courses and conferences which give you great inspiration, full of knowledge but full of serendipity and hard to sustain the momentum of change? 


A good idea, but no implementation plan. A great set of projects, but no core innovation that cuts across them.


A detailed plan, but no organisational capacity to deliver. 


Next 8 week goal

Team/Board of advisors.

Website Alpha

Application to an incubator or investor

Minimum Viable Product, defined.

Customer pitch, verified

Investor deck, pitched

Business model tested

Customers, singned up

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