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Co.Creator: Education
Aug-Sep '13
fully booked
Dec-Jan' 14
places left

Applications closing in

Feb-Mar' 14
places left

15 entrepreneurs in

10+ countries

Apr-May' 14
fully booked

20 places signed up

by a UK organisation 

fully booked
places left

20 places signed up

by a global organisation 


An 8 week, intense engagement where we act as a virtual co-founder with you: 


Non-Profits (entrepreneurs of intra'preneurs):

- Early Adopter Fee (first 5 spots in each cohort): $1000

- $1500 per person for remaining places. 


For-Profit (entrepreneurs or intra'preneurs)

- Early adopter fee (first 5 spots in each cohort): $2000

- $2500 per person


You can pay half for the first 4 weeks, and the half later when (if) you realise the value and want to continue into the second part of the 8 week program.


We don't take any equity stake. You retain all IP rights.




Given it's a 8 week co-founder program, it's significantly cheaper than alternatives:


1. Open Innovation Accelerator: 1 day = $900

Startup course4 day = $800

International workshops - 5 days = $3000-$5000 (including air fare, accommodation, lost productivity time, event entrance fees etc)


2. Or the real risk of sitting on that idea for many more months or a year, eating into your mental energy.


3. Or there are so many other 'free' weekend or one day courses. They are great at inspiring and delivering knowledge, but lack the 'action' element needed to push your startup forward in a significant and meaningful way.

Talk to Us

Unsure? We offer a complimentary 30 minute conversation on your idea, needs, questions, or suitability. We would love to help even if you don't manage to get into one of our co-founder programs.

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