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Innovate with you, as co-founders, not consultants, building your staff capacity

Low-cost, innovation on a subscription


We adapt our 'minimum viable innovation system' model to your organisation, to drive core, adjacent and disruptive growth



We create a system of innovation, not point solutions

We make innovation happen at speed, we don't do reports

Our Design Principles

Our model is designed to be...

Chief Innovation Officers/Managers, Head of Business Unit









Business Model






(unfocused, expensive, culture, strategy, more)

(innovation not aligned with strategy, without constraints)


(Fail-fast, strategic intent, behaviour change, more)

(great ideas but little: capacity, know-how, testing and execution)

Focus on...

- Build and test at least 2 variants of the solutions

- Sign-up early adopter customers
- Demonstrate impact on revenue margins, costs, etc) in order to decide on 1 idea to take to SCALE


Who (You?)...






A virtual team of 2/3 comprising frontline/customer facing staff and executive sponsor

A virtual team of 2/3 comprising frontline/customer facing staff and product/service developer and designer

A dedicated team depending on the solution

- Create 3 variants of the problem definitions (core, adjacent and disruptive)

- Test 3-5 different pretotypes with end customers/users

- Decide on 2 to take forward to SOLUTION.



- Test at least 2 variants of the pricing (revenue model)? 

- Test key partners to accelerate delivery and reach

- Signup mainstream customers

- Integrate into BUSINESS UNIT

Time/Your capacity...


-Identified top 10 problems to be solved, according to organisation strategy

- Build a business-model for sustained lean innovation

- Select 3 problems and teams (core, adjacent and disruptive) to go through Search

- Build a visual innovation portfolio in SharpCloud





Our Minimum Viable System - Services...

(8 week sprints)


Our capacity and time...

16+ hours of one to ones with your virtual chief innovation officer, 20+ hours of co-creating, 20+ hours of "getting out of the building"


16+ hours of one to ones with virtual co-founder, 20+ hours of co-creating, 15+ hours of knowledge, 50+ "getting out of the building interviews. 

Depending on the solutions taken forward. We offer virtual Chief Technology Officer, Chief Design Officer. 


Depending on the decision on which solutions to scale. We offer virtual Chief Marketing Officers and Commercialising Innovation experts.


Full-time staff: Depending on the solution 


Part-time: Over 8 weeks requiring 50% of virtual team's time


Part-time: Over 8 weeks virtual requiring 8 hours a week (20% rule)

Part-time: Over 8 weeks, requiring 4 hours a week (10% rule)


One page tools (a few example)...

Diagnostic Test to map as-is and to-be innovation strategy


Innovation Canvas - to map core, adjacent and disruptive hypotheses


Customer scripts that focus on jobs-to-be-done, pain, gain, solution and committment questions


Value Proposition, half completed to invite collaboraters to co.create with you


Pretotypes (websites for example) to test with real early adopter customers


Co.Creator's model is designed to balance in the six tensions of leading innovation

Individual employees (sometimes for the first time) feel empowered to solve problems they've self selected to solve. Collective spirit is evoked by knowing the why behind what they are doing. 


The Co.Founder mindset and approach the Co.Creator brings allows us to push employees out of their comfort zone, whilst providing support from week to week. 


Co.Creator works with your frontline and middle management - so learning and development takes place - in combination with delivering results - before ideas can move from SEARCH to SOLUTION


SEED phase delivers on the need for top-down direction. SEARCH is then inviting bottom up approach to solving those problems


8 Week Sprints create the sense of urgency. Patience is built into the 8 weeks. 


We have a structured approach within each of the 8 weeks, borne through working with 100s of startups. Co.Creator provides ability to improvise, kill off ideas, in a safe space, and quickly based on insights and getting out of the building. 


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