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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Veronica Palmer  

Co-Founder/co-CEO: RISE Colorado

Problem: Nationally, black and Latino high school seniors are performing on average at the same level as white students in eighth grade in both reading and math. Without access to knowledge and a means of empowerment, the cycle of disenfranchisement in the public education continues to persist year after year.


Solution: RISE Colorado works to educate, engage, and empower low-income families and families of color to end educational inequity in our public school system.

Rating of Co.Creator enabled growth: 


very significantly


very significantly

Recommendation (out of 10) :


Funding post incubator:



Not having a sustainable and scalable program or business model.


Journey reflections

Results"I came in thinking we could create a revenue model through our workshops and we are now." 


"In the six weeks I've been working with Zevae he has pushed our work and helped us to plan and execute successful meetings with Principal partners so we can begin monetizing our services and engage with them now as customers. We wouldn't have gotten here so quickly without the help of Co.Creator!"


"We now have two revenue streams we're pursuing with 3 customers we're in negotiations with.... We also got connected to Dr. Bavon, a professor who is going to support us with our family engagement research (opens up further funding stream from big Foundations)  and Faolan who might do a video about RISE (to allow us tell our story to customers and funders better)."


Space: "I continue to appreciate the space that Co.Creator provides so that I can really hash out and think through the financial model and scalability of RISE. This space has been crucial for me and my co-founders because there is always a million things going on and to do so having this designated space and time to think through the vitality of our organization is incredible for us."


Out of comfort zone:  "Zevae always pushes my thinking and helps me to think through what is essential for RISE to tackle and nail down in terms of our financial model in order to be successful."

- "He’s (Zevae) an outside perspective my co-founders and I don’t always get to hear and his objective perspective is really helpful. One thing that Zevae said today that really stood out to me was that RISE has a moral obligation to reach as many families as possible. It’s great that we’re serving the families in Aurora, CO but what about the other families that are missing out and need us also?"

- "Zevae was an incredible co-founder. He pushed our thinking around what's possible for RISE in terms of our revenue streams. He was extremely supportive, organized and had an incredible work ethic. He does everything he can to support his ventures so they can be as successful as possible."

- "I can't begin to thank you enough for all you've done to support me, my co-founders and RISE. I truly respect how hard you work to support your entrepreneurs so they can be the best they can be and run the best ventures possible. The way you stayed up late, created tons of documents, had numerous calls with all 3 of us and always pushed our thinking was incredible. I'm sad my time with Co.Creator is over but I know that we will keep in touch and hopefully work together again someday soon. Co.Creator is AMAZING..."


Mindsets shifting: "My co-founders and I talk about scaling a lot and we’re asked this question constantly by local and national folks regarding our plans to scale in CO and nationally. Our mentality has been that we want quality over quantity. I’ve often said I’d rather be successful and create real change in Aurora Public Schools only rather than scale and say we’re in 10 states but no real change is happening. My ideas and mindsets around this have started shifting however today during our call and even prior on our other calls. I’m really starting to think about what is the potential for impact if RISE can serve more families in the way we want to using the model we wholeheartedly believe in but finding the right people to do so locally and nationally so we can reach more families and students and close the opportunity gap much faster."


Next level: "It's crunch time for RISE and Zevae is doing a great job of guiding me through the process of nailing down a financial model that will work for RISE. He's even taking on the extra task of meeting with my co-founders and I to support us in this process. I truly appreciate how Zevae always puts his entrepreneurs first and works incredibly hard to push our development individually and as an organization so we can be incredibly successful. Co.Creator has been extremely important to RISE and helping to take us to the next level..."

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