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Co.Creator accelerator has been designed to address organisations' top innovation problems

This is why we use an Innovation Trek framework for internal startups inside organisation, with company strategy being one key intelligent constraint


Our virtual acclerator model is flexible for you invest in ideas that are disruptive (new products, new markets) or adjacent (same products, new markets) innovation.

Innovation workshops are full of inspiration and frameworks, but very little tangible progress is made with ideas. 

Innovation projects either end up having to be signed off by many levels or have no senior sponsors/buy-in. Formalising ideas and innovation too early can be more harmful than good in establishing an innovation-culture or habit, making it not sustainable or repeatable


Hiring innovation consultants, building your own incubator or innovation unit can end up being expensive, "more and more large companies have been outsourcing their intrapreneurial efforts. They pay upwards of $300K to $1 million"

We don't take any equity or IP stake. Co.Creator, is a white label service, reducing the risk of your innovation efforts by offering a subscription fee £490per month per person, and can be cancelled at anytime.

"Innovation models in global companies across diverse sectors, (shows) projects fail between 70% and 90% of the time."

90% of product launches fail, often because they are based on faulty initial assumptions about the customer. Co.Creator gives employees tools that help them discover deep customer insights, develop ideas with strong competitive advantage and then run low-cost experiments to test underlying assumptions. Only then does it make sense to invest in developing a product or technology.

Furthermore, we en-courage a fail-fast approach. Co.Creator is a safe-space for you to experiment, fail, iterate.

The often neglected part of innovation, is training for the people, at the individual level, to innovate. "Yet, it is not the direction in which most innovation-seeking firms seem to be channeling their efforts.

Co.Creator's solution delivers powerful leadership development, best utilised for specific people with specific problems or ideas.


Our professional development training through the accelerator is unique in that it's sustained, over a period of time, it's intense, content focused, active (they get to live it), real (something true to gain or lose), supported with regular feedback, autonomous to inspire ground-breaking ideas within the constraint of company strategy.

We deliver powerful way to make innovation a habit with a combination of knowledge (how to build a lean start-up), mindsets (around fail-fast, multiple experiments), skills (customer development, story telling), and introductions to the right people (a senior sponsor, successful entrepreneurs, investors, customers in an international network).

We don't do ideation, workshops, conferences, one-day innovation jams, or weekend hackathons. We believe learning at its best is always in context, over a sustained period of time, rather than in conference rooms. 

We are NOT mentors, advisors, consultants, teachers or executive coaches. We act as a 'co-founder' to your employees, a Sherpa of sorts, in 8 week sprints. We will act like what you'd expect from a co-founder, coming up with the answers together, and in the words of silicon valley "get (right) shit done".

We deliver innovation-in-action.

There is a lot of talk about innovation, but very little gets done. 

Innovation needs to be timetabled, inside the calendars of individuals, otherwise good intentions will vanish.  Most likely employees have their day jobs they still have to deliver against. We've designed a program that allows employees to create and sustain a sense of urgency, with regular timely updates, questions, insights, inspiration and on-demand calls, every 4 hours direct to their calendars.

We are unique in that we build organisational capacity by working as co-founder with your employees to help close the execution gap.








Entertaining too many ideas for innovation, not focused on why and what innovations matter

Senior Management perspective

Employee perspective

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