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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Olivia Richards

Founder: StoryProject

Problem: In every class, there are students who are non-attenders, looked-after children, at risk of exclusion, bullied, gifted and bored, suffering ADHD, anxiety, and other vulnerable groups: 45% of children will suffer from some kind of psychological problem at some point in childhood or adolescence. 


Solution: We exist to give 1.1 million students, at-risk of mental health stress, the confidence, skills and platform to tell their story

Impact rating of Co.Creator: 

Leadership Development



Website created

Recommendation (out of 10) :


 Funding Pipeline:



"The idea was a product of the Northampton Innovation Weekend, so I did not have any experience of working on this idea before then. Before starting the co-create programme, I did not have any knowledge of business models or how to create a start up which would have prevented me from taking my new idea forward."


"During the co-creator programme The Story Project has changed from an idea/concept to a tangible experience that I have been able to pitch to schools. I have a much better understanding of how to create a successful social enterprise and Co.Creator has secured some really influential and useful contacts that could help move the idea forward. I also have a website that helps create a sense of professionalism and can be used to drive the idea forward.


Co.Creator has pushed me to consider the idea from a variety of angles and has shown unwavering faith in the potential of my idea. Zevae's knowledge and sense of possibility have been very motivating. The course is well-structured and has helped guide me through the process. Even though the course has been overwhelming at times, Co.Creator has been very quick to seek feedback and explain the benefits of the challenges."


"This is a useful exercise for me as I am good at coming up with ideas, but I am bad at the practical side of things and getting things done.

I am reluctant to start on things if I am unsure if I’m doing it right, so seeing examples modelled is really helpful, such as your linked in example email. It has been really helpful to be able to bounce my disconnected ideas with someone as it is helping me to organise them in my own head and see them more objectively."


"Feeling a little disconnected from the idea. Unsure where it is going. Finding it difficult to arrange meetings in short space of time. Start of week three and I feel like I have had a breakthrough in understanding the problem better. It feels very satisfying to be at the point where I can say what I don’t want to do. Sometimes I can be easily carried away by an idea, so the support and challenging nature of the conversations has taught me to be more focussed. I feel like I have explored the problem from all areas now and understand what it is that is really pressing in schools."


"Still some ambiguity in my mind related to the product and how to sell it but Co.Creator has suggested some helpful sources that I could pitch the product to."


"I am very impressed by the design of the website. It definitely is a big achievement and demonstrates how far the idea has come in 7 weeks. Co.Creator has pushed me to make quick decisions which has enabled the ideas to develop quickly. It (website) is looking very professional and encompasses everything we wanted to create. I’m also a little overwhelmed by the late stages of the programme as it is moving very quickly, but I am happy to be pushed in this way."


"I really appreciate the honesty and positivity from the calls. There is a lot of technical terminology I didn’t fully understand before this course, but I now feel a lot more knowledgeable and in a lot stronger position. The connection with Tazeen has really motivated me to push the project further. Thank you for reaching out to her. I think this will be very interesting."


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