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Justing Matthys

Co-Founder, MathsPathway,  Australia

Problem: Less than 1 in 15 Australian high school graduates have a working knowledge of maths.


Solution: An innovative online learning tool that empowers teachers to adopt a new way of working within the classroom. Teachers remove one-size-fits-all units of work and replace them with individual mastery.

50+ high

valued introductions globally

Literally starting to change the way maths is taught in Australia

$1 million+ funding


Faced with a stark realisation of the huge problems in math education, through his Teach For Australia experience, Justin had an idea for a solution. This idea was continuously being refined in his mind and on paper. But it wasn't go anywhere fast. The biggest barrier was the ability to take a risk with quitting his job and launching the startup full-time.



Co.Creator has provided more than 50+ high valued introductions globally, from top Standford Professors who have backed his solution, to Khan Academy, to CIOs of leading schools, investors in Silicon Valley, and influential board members in Australia. 


These conversations and testing his hypotheses created an unstoppable momentum and confidence to take the risk with his startup. Now, at the verge of closing his seed fund round and tripling growth rates in students through his solution - he is starting to change the way maths is taught in Australia. 


"Before Zevae introduced me to his amazing Silicon Valley contacts, I had no idea about how to form a start-up, how investment works or what is required for success. Now, I've taken the plunge and gone full-time - we have paying customers and employees, and are already making an amazing impact on student learning. Thanks Zevae!


Zevae has amazing skills he can share: everything for how to conduct the search for a great business model, to elevator pitching, to best practices in business networking. I've learned so much from Zevae.


I have continued to benefit from Zevae's connections over time - both in the education and business worlds. He is always happy to make introductions, and seems to know almost everybody!

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