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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Andrew Groak  

LRTT: Limited resource teacher training

Problem: Had a startup with early validation ($16K in revenue), but needed to move to a scaleup which needed changes to value proposition, customers, customer acquisition funnel, hiring, etc. 


Impact rating of Co.Creator, by thinkLaw



Leadership Development

very significantly

Recommendation (out of 10) :


 Mindset changes:





Lack of repeatable sales model (low revenue, given the huge need and potential)

High customer acquisition costs (mainly due to high lead times)

Product messaging and value proposition

"Prior to Co.Creator, I did a lot of reading on "getting out of the building," developing an MVP, and getting lots of customer feedback. But I didn't really have a lot of concrete methods and I was not actually listening...I was really just pitching my product and getting feedback about it. Co.Creator's tools: the customer script, the innovation canvas, and the co.create proposition really allowed me to build a system that has made my sales model a lot easier, more manageable to scale. Prior to Co.Creator, I just wanted to get something done and I was just very happy to have created a product and have some early success on sales. But I really had no strategy besides spinning my wheels to think about how this was going to exxpand beyond my immediate network and how I was really going to maximize the value of this. This process has allowed me to change my goals to financial--make enough money to get by--to impact"


"I also didn't think I would be at this point, but I've went from going on a feedback tour (without Co.Creator) to going on a research mission to learn more about issues schools and organizations face regarding critical thinking. Now, when I meet with administrators/teachers/program directors, they look at me like "finally, someone understands what I'm doing through" because of how the Customer Script framework forces you to really understand the practical, real challenges your customer faces...allows me to transform wants to needs in a meaningful way." 


"I would say that at least 75% of the new ideas thinkLaw has adopted through this program came from the inspiration and clarity I gained from the way Co.Creator has made me think differently about things."


“..Very positive calls, transparent and clear process… seemed like a lot of work, and a very rapid pace for expanding.”


“…When I first came with the idea of thinkLaw, I was really stuck on this idea that professional development sucks, and I don’t want to create a tool that requires it. But I did not really think about the opportunity here before this conversation...if I can create a very useful coaching program to help teachers implement thinkLaw that is much different and much more effective than the normal PD that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I can not only justify a higher price, but I can also help to support the community of thinkLaw users, increase teacher success with thinkLaw, and develop super-useful information about my user group...”  

“What Co.Creator has helped me do is move past the general interest in a “cool” idea that “has some legs” and become something that the customer has a specific interest in needing right now.  My knowledge of individual school performance data and other challenges facing schools as well as specific ideas and suggestions about how thinkLaw would be best implemented has gotten me to the next level of interest.”


“Thursday’s call was probably the 1st time the top-down/bottom-up/sideways approach (to selling) actually hit home...”


"Zevae was an outstanding resource. May be easier to put it in a list: 1) Designed a powerful framework for my web site 2) Created user friendly tools that are the foundation of all of my PR/Marketing and sales tools 3) Gave me the idea for my coaching/implementation program that has become the key marketing point for my program 4) Helped me develop an amazing job description to hire the person that can really take my sales to the next level 5) Pushed me to embrace the top-down, bottom-up, and sideways strategies that has brought me to the point where I'm looking at 500,000 in potential sales in my immediate pipeline This has given me a high degree of value. I couldn't ask someone to work harder on my behalf, so I'm very appreciative of how thinkLaw has been taken to the next level...."


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