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Customer development learning


“Learn to recognise failure, then the hard-part of accepting it, and then react to it FAST"

Multiple stories? 
“Differentiate your value proposition narrative depending on whether the person is a customer, a user, investor or partner. Each one cares for and reports about different things. 

CEO as designer?

"1. It’s relationships which underpin the impact of any programme. Therefore, you need to 'design' relationships into your solution, as an integral part of your solution.

2. To build empathy, don't sit behind a desk. Ask for a tour or go for a walking-meeting. You'll see and hear many more nuanced insights aka Design Thinking
3. Integrate your solution into the daily/weekly habits of your users/customers.  Creating new habits is so hard."

This space is a new section, reserved for the learning snippets of those individuals and teams going through  Co.Creator.

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