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We asked 30 senior leaders to rate cost v impact of the different learning experiences inside their organisations

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We're driven by own failures.  Having delivered many conferences and workshops in our past lives, we realised that these learning experiences are broken, in terms of enabling or accelerating 'strategic change'. Conferences are expensive and largely knowledge driven, workshops and elearning courses don't lead to 'strategic change' because learning is separated from immediate application, and knowledge management portals are full of documents and resources without facilitating peer to peer relationships. 


With 80% of training being ineffective in that it does not 'stick' in the delegates minds and change their activity at work, we began asking ourselves - is there another way? We designed and delivered virtual learning incubators

What makes virtual learning incubators different

Learning: Designed purposefully to accelerate the learning through advice + execution, speed of experimentation, evidence based decision-making, and failing-fast. Plus each experience includes knowledge, skills, mindsets, networks and resources to deliver real sustained learning

Incubator: It's not a course but an incubator, which is connected to a strategic goals such as innovation, hiring, sales, digital transformation and over a period of time (4-8 week sprints)

Virtual: It's done over video calls, so it can be scheduled into delegates on-the-job real life projects, is low-cost, and can bring together colleagues dispersed geographically, using 10-20% of their time over short sprints 


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