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Starting points



You are teacher, working on a project, heading up a department, or responsibile for implementing new initiatives inside your school. 


A problem that you've seen, heard, or experienced 


A good idea, but no implementation plan. A great set of projects, but no core innovation 


or unsure on where to start with your solution, how to take it forward, whether to take risk on it or not? 


End of Program

leave with

Self-defined 8 week goals/   outcomes.


signed up

Principal proposal tested

A successful whole-school re-design program

Team/Board of advisors.

Next 8 week sprint defined

*Other self-defined outcomes

Multiple Classroom/Teacher 


Innovation Trek, is a framework for innovation in action, delivered in an 8 week sprint.

relevant high-value, personal introductions / Group Hangouts with entrepeneurs, potential customers, partners, suppliers, 


hour(s) of one to one calls on a frequent basis with your virtual co-founder


Getting out of the building with customer/user



hours of online videos, blogs, assignments


website developer hours, film-animator hours.

One to Ones: Week 1-2

Create 2 expanded problem definitions from multiple stakeholder perspectives (teachers, senior leaders, parents, other startups).  

Interview scripts (jobs to be done, pain, gain and alternative solutions,  + debriefs

One to Ones: Week 3-4

Create 2 value propositions for teachers and test and co-design these with key stakeholders (teachers and principal)

One to Ones: Week 5-6

Create 2 minimum viable products to test with 2 groups of teachers. (A/B testing). Testing for behaviour change and impact.

One to Ones: Week 7-8

Decide on 1 solution,  create a proposal (value, costs, funding streams, timelines,  etc) for school-wide implementation. Sign-off to implement at whole-school level.


        Value Proposition - -               Customer Relations - How do you get, keep and grow customers?

      SPIN selling Neil Rackham

The Tipping Point: Macolm Gladwell: How new ideas become the norm

The Story Factor: 

Storytelling for organisational change agents

To sell is Human: Dan Pink: Pitch worksheet. 

Map your influencers...

Building a virtual team and giving the a stake...



and more....


1. Establishing a sense of urgency.

2. Creating the guiding coalition

3. Developing a change vision

4. Communicating the vision for buy-in

5. Generating Short-term wins



Whole School Model


One to Ones: Week 0

Interview, expectation setting, kick-off, program guide, pre-requisites, high-level goals


Shutup and Listen

Replay and Search

Show, not tell, to sell

Make it happen






    Your job is to sell before developing any feature


       Teacher Segments - How do you find your teacher archetype?    

       Know how change happens inside your school, who to appeal to and when...

and more....


     “MVPs have twin goals: learning what problems we should be solving, and driving risk out of our current (hypothetical) business model by testing fundamental assumptions.”
     How to Test Your Minimum Viable Product 
     Don’t let the minimum win over the viable

and more...

    Your job is to go go go with developing one solution

    Package your value to principal and teachers, not features for users

    Your job is to 'search' for a repeatable and scalable re-design model

   This is not a project, or initiative or a business, but an INTERNAL startup


        Channels - How does your product get to customers?

        What’s your strategic intent? 

        Distribution is God

and more...

Build momentum:

- Design your days with Co.Creator slots for 20-30 minutes every day

- Design principles: Fail-fast, test everything, "get (right) shit done"


        Revenue Models - How do you make your money?          

        Partners - Who are your partners and suppliers?

        Resources, Activities and Costs - What is most important for the business?

and more....




Getting out of the classroom

Update Framework

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