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20% intrapreneur time


Building your organisation's capacity and capability to deliver a repeatable (low-cost), scalable (embedded into business units), and impactful innovation model

A programme that combines knowledge, skills, mindsets, relationships and resources to accelerate speed of execution, experimentation in short 8 week sprints, with evidence based prototyping, and failing-fast.  


It's NOT a e-course or a workshop approach - It's one to one programme, addressing the critical 'execution-gap' with your innovations and ideas. 

Where x is specific outcomes. No one understands the word 'innovation' so we're focused outcomes which makes it easier for you to explain and get buy-in from the business units. You can integrate it into the business unit agenda. For example,


1) virtual [create a business unit business-case for innovations] incubator

2) virtual [first 10 customers] incubator

3) virtual [minimum viable solution] incubator

4) virtual [£100k seed funding] incubator

5) virtual [design and hire a team] incubator

5) Design your own

Facilitated by a virtual co-founders who are seasoned entrepreneursleverage people inside and outside your organisation to build virtual teams using just 20% of their time, delivered virtually via video calls to engage geographically dispersed colleagues


This is NOT a mentor-driven or coaching programme. Virtual co-founders advise as well execute with you.


We provide 16+ hours of one to ones, 20+ hours of co-working, 5+ introductions which move your hypotheses forward. 



[ x ]



Entrepreneur Program

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Emerging Leader Program

Innovation Labs



Do you have a in-person program of support for 10-20 entrepreneurs each year, but find it difficult to scale? 


We  can help you build a pipeline, and support entrepreneurs around the world, at scale, and lower cost than your in-person model - with comparable results. 

Do you have a leadership program without an innovation-strand? 


We help you integrate leadership and innovation, helping your leaders go from workshops which talk about innovation to an experiential program that delivers innovation.


Virtual [ x} incubators deliver an average rating 9.6 out of 10 in terms of impact and +100 Net Promoter Score

How do you support geographically dispersed employees with 20% innovation time to develop new products/services?


We help you execute with a structured program that delivers clear return on investment. An average of 3000% ROI.

Do you have a central innovation lab, but need a lower-cost model to support innovation inside business units? 


We  can help you increase your capacity by 100%, in terms of the number of innovations supported, through our virtual [ x ] incubators. 

Do you have lots of ideas but lacking rigorous execution and testing of these innovative ideas?


We can help your employees do rapid customer development. At one time we can support 20 ideas, working with 60 people across your organisation,  in a 60 days 

Internal startups on the path to £1m+ funding or revenue

Try our pilot, before scaling


A proven innovation support model  


£20K + 5 innovation ideas

Running virtual [ x ] incubators globally

A global network of 30+ organisations are using Co.Creator, as a low-cost way to build a global innovation incubator, to help create new innovations and products/services

We can custom design a virtual [outcome] incubator for your bespoke needs

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A few of the 50+ case-studies

iTeach (India) came into Co.Creator with a failing idea. Turned around in 60 days, with sales, and raised $135,000 immediately.

EdPuzzle:  CEO, Quim Sabria

Spain  - $800K+ Funding - 8 week ROI: 7900%

Education In Sight: CEO: Andrew Shirman

China $80+K in funding - 8 Week ROI: 2500%

thinkLaw (US) had made sales of $18K in 4 months. In just 60 days through Co.Creator we redesiged their sales model, built product and customer development and led to firm sales of $65,000 and built a pipeline of $500,000K of immediate sales 

Scope (UK) had a struggling service that was losing money and too expensive. Through Co.Creator we designed and delivered a prototype at a tenth of the cost with similar impact and raised £100,000 in 60 days.  

Unique model 

in the words of our customers

"We were drawn to your low-cost model of people innovation on a subscription

"I enjoyed how you innovated with us, as co-founders, ensuring long-term skills building across our teams..." Stephanie Petijean, Head of Innovation

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"I have a small central innovation team so we didn't have the capacity to support innovation as a culture/at scale. I had trouble finding innovation support programmes that weren't a one-size fits all (e.g. elearning courses, conferences) and that combined low-cost, quick wins and potential for systemic impact across our organisation - until I found Co.Creator"

Ruth Marvel, Director of Innovation

"How do we not just support (aka conferences and workshops) but actually help to create innovators, do it at low-cost, and across 30 countries, with short-term results. Answer = Co.Creator"

Alex Beard, Director of Systems Change 

"Innovation labs (dedicated space, people, processes) are great, but ultimately they have to be passed back to the business to execute/scale. This handover is the weakest link. Virtual incubators allow us to help our business units deliver innovation better, faster, and with low-risk." 

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