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We adapt our cocreator model to your organisation, to drive core and new-growth with in-house startups



Unique value of this model

We've designed our model to be scalable allowing: 

Internal innovation on a subscription fee, so it's embedded and accessible to all parts of the organisation (not just a small unit or team)

- It addresses both 'leadership-gap' and 'execution-gap' in innovation together by integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches to innovation

- Builds in-house expertise amongst employees. We provide co-founders (not coaches, mentors, or consultants) for your strategic problems

What our model doesn't do

We don't do workshops or conferences, or innovation contests...  "Too many companies use point solutions to address a systematic challenge: Let’s run an idea challenge! Have an ideation session! Run a leadership training session,  form a growth group! Open a corporate venturing arm! Create incentives for innovation! None of these is bad, but point solutions don’t solve system-level problems."






(unfocused, expensive, culture, strategy, more)

(innovation not aligned with strategy, without constraints)

Our Products...



Focus on...



A/B testing strategy




A/B testing problems/ customers



Chief Innovation Officers & Head of Innovation, Innovation Managers

A virtual team of 2/3 comprising frontline/customer facing staff and innovation manager

Time/Your capacity...

30 Day virtual executive program, requiring 4 hours a week (10% rule)


- 30-60 Days virtual Innovation Sprint program, requiring 8 hours a week (20% rule)

High level content...

- Create an innovation portfolio

- Top 10 "How might we..." problem statements to foster innovation within constraints and strategic intent for innovation

- Secure budget and buy-in

- Selection of emerging leaders to through Sprint. 


Capacity building...

We provide a virtual 'Chief Innovation officer' to cocreate your innovation strategy with you.

- Delivering knowledge, skills, mindsets, introductions and resources (more info)

- Create at least 5 variations of the problems/solution definitions.

- Customers signed-up

- 1 organisation wide demo-day



We offer a virtual 'co-founder' (not mentor/advisor/coach)

Business Model





A/B testing solutions

A/B testing distribution

We offer a virtual 'CTO'/developer and designer

We offer a virtual chief marketing officer and commercial innovation expert.

(great ideas but little: capacity, know-how, testing and execution)


(Fail-fast, strategic intent, behaviour change, more)

- 2 x live prototypes (does our message/solution resonate in the market)

- 1 x technical prototype (can the problem be solved in this way)

- Goal: sign up customers/users




A virtual team of 2/3 comprising frontline/customer facing staff and developer and designer


A dedicated team depending on the solution

- 60 Day virtual product/service lab 



- 30-60 Days virtual product/service lab requiring 20% of virtual team's time


- 3 x pricing models tested

- 3+ key partners signed up to accelerate delivery and reach.

- 1 x pilot (are the economics attractive to justify scaling)

- Goal: Sign up a '1000'+ customers/users.

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