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Internal/External innovations supported


Collective funding/revenue raised following support through Co.Creator's virtual [   ] incubators

$5.2 million

Return on Investment for companies partnering with  Co.Creator

of innovations and startups changed significantly during Co.Creator's  virtual [   ] incubators



Emerging leaders supported through Co.Creators outcome incubators

Client: Teach For All

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Went from $16K sales in 4 moths, to $65K in 8 weeks and built a pipeline of $500K, through Co.Creator's virtual [$100K sales] incubator. Colin, CEO, thinkLaw

Went from failing startup for over 6 months to 20 customers in 8 weeks, and raising $135K funding, just four weeks after finishing Co.Creator's virtual [first 10 customers] incubator” Prashant/Soumya, CEOs, iTeach

Went from a failling (zero customers) in 12 months, to $20K funding in just 8 weeks from a major Telecoms provider, with a  potential of $500K across Latin America. Mariana, CEO, Digital Natives

Moved from a failing idea (Khan Academy for Spain) to a startup that has now raised significant funding round, after Co.Creators' virtual [ turn around failing idea] incubator Quim, CEO, EdPuzzle

Employees at national organisation - went from a failing service (in terms of financial stability), to designing and testing a 10X reduced cost service, handing it back to the business unit for scaling, and raising £100K after 8 weeks of Co.Creator's virtual [10x reduction in costs] incubator

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