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Co.Creator is working with 12+ global organisations, on average resulting in 90%+ having customers, and projects raising total of $2m+ in revenue/funding.

Germany: Case-study coming soon

Peru: Case-study coming soon

India: Case-study coming soon

Chile: Case-study coming soon

Growth Incubator

A technology business is using Co.Creator to quickly launch an internal incubator to foster growth in exploring new markets

Worldwide Incubator

A global network (30+ organisations) are using Co.Creator, as a low-cost way to build an worldwide incubator for innovation in education

Solve strategic problems

Big national and international social sector organisations are using Co.Creator to solve their product and service problems.

Emerging Leaders

Organisations are using Co.Creator's model to build internal capacity and retain  'emerging leaders' program, with a compelling innovation training program.

Failing Projects

"70%-90% of innovation projects fail" - Co.creator model of focusing on customer development, is being used by a number of organisations to address failing projects

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