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Building hiring managers' capacity and capability to deliver low-cost-high-impact hiring

Our why: Reflecting on our previous roles as hiring managers, the most impactful hires we made, were when we innovated on the job-design. Yet when you think of innovation you naturally think of 'new products, services and business models'. There is usually no mention of 'people innovation'. Recruiter's will take your specs, but never question you on the business-case or the fundamental design of the role.


Hiring for a new role that hasn't existed before in your team or organisation, is not too dissimilar to setting up a startup, in that 90%+ (of your job spec) is assumptions and hypotheses. If these are not resolved now, it will most certainly result in lower quality/impact hire. 


Our answer to this problem:  -  virtual [hiring] incubators

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With our Virtual [Hiring] Incubators, we work with hiring managers, to directly build their capacity and capability to hire fast, and achieve quality of hire.  


In under 60 minutes for each step, we help hiring managers to develop a strong business case for new hires, create an engaging job canvas that resonates with high quality candidates, leverage their networks and network's networks with sourcing,  role specific interview questions and exercises for selection, and help hiring managers with onboarding to deliver quick wins from their new hire.






"Best hires are done through referrals and relationship building not job-boards, yet difficult to get hiring managers to give time to sourcing (think it's recruiters job)..."

"Job doc used in so many different ways making it ineffective as they speak to different audiences: helping employees understand their jobs better; building team understanding and support; providing priorities for supervisors to monitor; and guiding decisions about work design and task allocations.... " 

Find it difficult to articulate their needs into job specs quickly and easily for HR. 

feel like they are writing the job spec for recruiters (and not candidates).


Hiring managers


Get the job-spec (the who) wrong, the rest of the hiring becomes time consuming and costly when measured in attracting high quality candidates

inundated with CVs which don't meet their needs


Choose from one or more sprints

"We were looking for a VP of Sales. As a startup, we were not able to offer a significant salary to attract the best, nor did equity stake mean a lot to potential applicants at such early stages of our startup. Thus, there was a lot of doubt in how to build a role that accelerated our startup. Get this hiring wrong, at best it could set us back months or worst kill our startup. For over 8 weeks, there was no progress on a new hire as we searched for a VP of Sales. 


With the help of 'job-canvas' we completely redefined the profile of who we needed (from corporate sales to ex retiree principal who has personal mission, the networks to make sales happen fast), reframed the role from sales to relationships, sold the 'team' and the challenges up front. The transparency, and approach of focusing on referrals only meant we didn't waste any time, found (interviewed and selected) an awesome new hire within 2 weeks."

Colin, CEO, thinkLaw 

Coaching + Tools

Easily turn tired, old, boring, all the same job descriptions...

into an interactive, engaging, visual one page job-spec and job-advert in under 60 minutes

Using this tool, you can  integrate it into your existing processes of writing job-specs

We deliver coaching with this tool. We work with hiring managers (not as recruiters) to design a role that is attractive to high quality candidates

with the goal(s) of

Increase percentage of highly qualified applicants


Increase time candidates spend on reading and engaging with the job spec, leading to application or referrals.

Drive Employer Brand


Enabling hiring managers to save time, money and stress of recruiting, whilst increasing the quality of hire

What users are saying

"Jobcanvas makes the launch calls between us (recruiters) and hiring managers much faster with better outcomes" internal recruiter

"We had an open hire position for more than 90 days with our standard job-spec, after using Jobcanvas we hired an exceptional person within 3 weeks"  Recruiter

"Job Canvas makes the job-description more human, giving real insight into the company and the job, making me want to apply"  Candidate

"This is one of those ‘game-changing’ products. It’s not a drag and drop solution. It’s a NEW concept - a new way of doing things. A better, faster, easier way..... "Jackye:

"The jobcanvas contains the usual suspects of description, role, essentials, but also new categories to help develop better clarity. For example, the problem box - helped me as hiring manager to articulate what the problems this role seeks to solve, helping me to attract higher quality candidates. The value proposition helped me to position this job (less from my perspective of salary/perks) but from high quality candidates persective (impact of their role, space for innovation, etc)..." hiring manager

"I wasn't looking for a new role, but when I saw JobCanvas, I loved the format. The team component stuck out, never seen anything like that before. Then knowing the value of my role (not just another job), the challenges I will face in the job, when do you every see challenges in a job? It took all the guess-work out of applying, and if I qualify or not "  Michelle Belle

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