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There is a lot of existing support (Hackathons, innovation jams, meet ups, conferences, startup weekend, MOOCs to help you to arrive at the problem or solution concept but not much help to move to a startup in a short period.


Co.Creator helps you to jumpstart, from an idea to an effective startup. We shorten the learning curve, reducing the risk, by being your virtual co-founder over 8 weeks.

The bottleneck to so much innovation inside organisations is the cost of it. When it costs $300-$1million to hire teams of external consultants to help innovate, this needs to be signed off on so many levels. Formalising ideas and innovation too early can be more harmful than good in order to establish an innovation-culture or habit. 


We are invested in grassroots innovation. Early stage ideas which need maturing before being presented to management. Every employee is deeply connected to the problems that if resolved can impact the top, bottom or middle line of their organisation. However, presenting these ideas to management in the form of 'idea submission' too early will almost certainly kill it off. Why? because, it's likely the employee themselves don't 100% believe in the solution they are envisaging. It's a gut feeling, intuition, or a hypothesis. 


Co.Creator program allows employees to act on these hypotheses to kill-off or invest in the problems with concrete solutions at the end of the program. 

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