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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Mindaugas Breiva

Founder/CEO,  Edfim, Lithuania

Problem: Schools which have embraced blended learning are providing linear online playlists (lots of links from different sources) for students.


Solution: Edfim offers an easy to use tool for any teacher to interative playlists, allowing their students to go on multiple learning paths, according to their level of understanding and misconceptions.



After just 8 weeks

Offer to buy the company for 80K after 8 weeks

Compelling investor pitch

1 major pivot to simplify the product


" I didn't know how present my idea as a pitch, what investors expect from demo version"

" I had a lot of paths I could go down, wasn't sure which one to take"

" didn't know too much about the whole language of startups, which is relevant when meeting investors"



"We now have a real sense of urgency to deliver on our promises, because we have customers who are excited by the solution we are developing."


"After a course I got better understanding about Ed-tech startups and personal introductions with Ed-tech community in Silicon valley and around the world e.g. CEOs/CTOs of other ed-techs." 


"(Co.Creator) helped me to pivot on my idea faster"


"I learned how to articulate my solution in a simpler way, a way that communicates and connects with my own team, investors and customers, which help to secure sales before any product was developed"


"Co.Creator introduced me significant number of contacts within Silicon Valley. After Co.Creator designed a fruitful visit for me, I learned how they start Ed-tech products in the US market, and embracing these examples in to my own startup in Lithuania. I realised the importance of creating a small version of my product (interactive playlists) and properly developing the front end (easy user experience). I was pitching, learning, re-pitching multiple times in a day, each feedback helping me to develop my product significantly."


"Co.creator introduced me to many teachers, whom I interviewed, with early indications that the demand of interactive playlist is huge. Even without a product it was easy to make 3 sales and this allowed to create the demo version. At the moment my buyers are education institutions, organizations, and schools. As the product evolves, it will be easy to adapt for teachers and parents."

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