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We don't do usual incubator-model

- Open to individual independent startups

- Full time committment

- 10-30 startups in any given year

- Give stipend funding in return for equity stake


We don't do usual leadership development through workshops or conferences, or innovation contests...  "Too many companies use point solutions to address a systematic challenge: Let’s run an idea challenge! Have an ideation session! Run a leadership training session,  form a growth group! Open a corporate venturing arm! Create incentives for innovation! None of these is bad, but point solutions don’t solve system-level problems."

Leadership Development

What do we do?

A low-cost virtual accelerator model, training emerging leaders throughout the organisation to close the 'execution-gap' and the 'leadership-gap' in innovation. 

Co.Creator Accelerator

- Open to organisations


- Part-time commitment, alongside existing employee jobs, and integrates leadership development into the work itself. This is the ideal environment, where the learning and the work are seamless.


- Vision is to create 1000+ startups every year, in order have system level change inside an organisation and industry


- Charge a subscription fee, no equity or IP stake, making innovation accessible to all parts of the organisation

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