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We believe in enabling scalable and embedded internal innovation, in all parts of your organisation

We don't do point solutions 


We don't do workshops or conferences, or innovation contests...  "Too many companies use point solutions to address a systematic challenge: Let’s run an idea challenge! Have an ideation session! Run a leadership training session,  form a growth group! Open a corporate venturing arm! Create incentives for innovation! None of these is bad, but point solutions don’t solve system-level problems."



We do innovation at scale


How do we do scalable? We provide:

- Innovation on a subscription fee, so it's accessible to all parts of the organisation (not just a small unit or team)

- It address both 'leadership-gap' and 'execution-gap' in innovation together by integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches to innovation through our 4-phase model. 

- Builds in-house expertise of critical mass of employees. We provide co-founders (co-creating with you) for your strategic problems

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