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Building your capacity and capability to deliver your own virtual [   ] incubators

We've now successfully supported over 50+ teams through our virtual [   ] incubators. Each one, designed and facilitated by one person.


We've ran through a number of different permutations, with groups as well as one-to-ones, with individual founders as well as teams, with a coach mindset and a co-founder mindset, with different types of projects ranging from innovation to hiring, customer development to sales development.


Our learning in one sentence:  It is possible to design a one-person-led (low-cost), virtual [innovation]  incubator, supporting learning at scale (up to 16 teams at one time), and still have high impact


If you're new to your role in managing innovation, or if you've developed a new strategy that needs testing, or if you have lots of ideas and lacking capacity to execute, or if you've got a failing new product or service that needs course correction, or you have a mentoring programme that needs structure and rigour, let's work together to co-design a virtual [   ] incubator


Free Coaching

We're offering free coaching for innovation managers, learning and development managers or other middle management, to design and deliver your own Virtual [Innovation] Incubator.


- co-design the scope, content and tools

- One call a week, over 8 weeks

- Limited spots every month


We've run over 8 cohorts of virtual [   ] incubators for innovation and hiring use-cases. We'd love to see what strategic use-cases you design for.


Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch in 24 hours


Free eCourse

We've developed a practical course to help you design and deliver your own Virtual [Innovation] Incubator. 


- Delivered to your inbox

- One article a week


Examples of content:


3. One person led incubator

4. Designing a virtual team 

5. Minimum viable innovation System

10. Comparing innovation support programmes

7. Before/After the problem

9. The 'problem journey'

6. Pick faiing ideas for quick-wins, not shiny ones

 8. Innovation Canvas (tool)

11. Ask the wrong questions, get the wrong insights (tool)

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