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We are founded on the belief that...

"the success of any organisation,
be it a startup of 10 or multinational of 10,000 employees, is often determined by the quantity, quality and velocity of the
experiments it designs, runs, and iterates on

for there is no innovation without experimentation"


Zevae. M. Zaheer


Based on what works and what doesn't, we co-design the experiments-model to fit your objectives

10x your existing program
with your own experiments model


10x no of startups you support in your existing program - as experiments are delivered virtually


10x lower than the typical "$2m for 3-month accelerator programs"


"10x better" (founders). We recommend 3 strategic experiments per startup, to ensure high impact before/after stories for board


10x flexibility - as easy integrated to any existing program alongside other interventions, each experiment is priced individually, pay only when completed, and cancel anytime