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Entrepeneurs (independent)

Co.Creator Education is specifically designed for individual - innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers - who wish to tackle problems and ideas in education and accelerate them to a startup stage in just 8 weeks. 


Have you been sitting on your idea or problem for more than 3 months?


Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun MIcrosystems, said "90% of venture capitalists don't add value to the startups they advise. Knowing whose advice to take and on what topic may be the single most difficult decision an entrepreneur will have to make." What's worse, he said, most of the advice available to founders from VC on their boards is bad. "I would guess up to 85% of VCs add negative value to a startup in advising them." Instead, he said, he preferes to meet with entrepreneurs one-on-one.


We don't advise, we co-found with you.

Intra'preneurs (inside organisations)

Co.Creator is offered to individuals as part of their organisations, to be used to catalyse intra'praneurs. It's designed as a powerful professional development opportunity best utilised for specific people with specific problems, need or ideas inside your organisations.



"So how does a firm build its power and agility in innovation? The answer is simple and, to my mind, obvious – yet, it is not the direction in which most innovation-seeking firms seem to be channeling their efforts. Having designed and managed innovation programs in a variety of settings, I know that a company’s innovation capacity comes down to its talent pool, and its commitment to building knowledge and competencies one individual at a time." If You Want Innovation, You Have to Invest in People


We don't design innovation programs for large number of employees, conferences, events, workshops,  or key note speeches for your employees (even though we get asked to all the time). We do one-to-one. We believe that you can only meaningfully move an individual (not a group),  in order to have transformational impact over a sustained intense period of time. 

Co.Creator Education: Availability
Aug-Sep '13
fully booked
Dec-Jan' 14
places left


applications closing in

Feb-Mar' 14
places left
fully booked
fully booked

20 places signed up

by a global organisation

20 places signed up

by a global organisation

places left
Programs' Value

On average, the aggregate quantifiable value, over 8 weeks per attendee:

- 100 hours of learning

- 10+ hours of one to ones, deep engagement with virtual co-founder: Zevae M. Zaheer

- Personal introductions and time in front of investor(s)

- 20+ highly pin-pointed introductions to a global network,  which push specific hypotheses on your business model canvas . 

- 50+ 'Get of the building' meetings with customers, partners, funders.


You/we define your 8 week goal, 4 week goal and micro-goals (every week)




In just 8 weeks, the last graduating cohort:

85% had customer(s), some raised 100K funding, got into incubators.


How likely are you to recommend to a peer that he or she should join Co.Creator based on it's impact on you and your startup? (Scale of 0-10, where 0 is not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely):


Programs' Impact

On a 1-5 scale, with 5 being very significant, to what extent has the Co.Creator course contributed to your leadership development?


Please rate Zevae's (Co.Creators role as a co-founder) and it's impact on you: 

Not at all  A little Moderatly Significantly Very Significant






Led by

Zevae M. Zaheer

13+ years experience:

Director of Innovation: Designed and delivered an ultra-low-cost and scalable (online) incubator focused on education sector.


- Direct access to 100+ education organisations 

- 500+ edu'preneurs in 30+ countries

- Direct access to funders and incubators (e.g. Imagine K-12, Emerge Venture Lab, Unltd, etc)

Manager: Built up and managed a market intelligence department at a leading consultancy

Outside of work: An innovator from 9am to 12pm, song writer from 12pm-1pm, innovator again between 1-6pm, husband and father to 2 kids from 7pm-6am....

"Zaheer, as a member of the founding team of Synergies, has made a great impact with Teach For All programmes and their teachers world wide. Now as founder of Co.Creator he has designed and delivered a truly unique program that doesn't just 'support', but actually 'creates' social entrepreneurs and system change makers. He brings his expansive international network and a keen insight into disruptive innovations, which I’m sure will have a great impact."

Brett Wigdortz, CEO Teach First 


This would be a fantastic opportunity for any start up, being able to package it up is great for the innovation community. Founder of  Wall Display





An 8 week, intense engagement where we act as a virtual co-founder with you: 


Non-Profits (entrepreneurs of intra'preneurs):

- Early Adopter Fee (first 5 spots in each cohort): $1000

- $1500 per person for remaining places. 


For-Profit (entrepreneurs or intra'preneurs)

- Early adopter fee (first 5 spots in each cohort): $2000

- $2500 per person


You can pay half for the first 4 weeks, and the half later when (if) you realise the value and want to continue into the second part of the 8 week program.


We don't take any equity stake.


Open Innovation Accelerator: 1 day = $900

Startup course4 day = $800

International workshops - 5 days = $3000-$5000 (including air fare, accommodation, lost productivity time, event entrance fees etc)


Or the real risk of sitting on that idea for many more months or a year, eating into your mental energy.


Dec-Jan Co.Creator:

Applications closing on Nov. 15th

What we look for

Apply if some of the following connect with you:




an entrepreneur itching to have meaningful impact


an intrapreneur, working on a project that's failing, heading up a team, or responsibile for innovations inside your organisation



A problem that you've seen, heard, or experienced.


an idea that could address some of the biggest challenges in education


unsure on where to start with your solution, how to take it forward, whether to take risk on it or not? 



don't believe in learning in big groups


tired of those 1-day courses and conferences which are full of knowledge and serendipity, but not much action



learn better one to one, need a structured program, a virtual co-founder, 



Understand that success = ƒ (Small experiments + Fail + Combine) 

After Applying

Given the demand on places, and our limit of 20 in every cohort, not everyone who applies can get accepted on the program. 


However, we will respond to each application to discuss your suitability, before making a joint-decision with you.



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