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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Chris Stapleton

Founder: Parent+

Problem: Parents want to but struggle to engage in their child's education.


Solution: Provide parents with videos, through an app, to support their childs learning and education.

Impact rating of Co.Creator: 

Leadership Development



50+ users signed up

Website created

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"Didn't really have a major idea before hand, the idea was generated from an innovation weekend. Previous ideas had hit problems at the stage of knowing how to start developing an app/website. After going through the co creator program it became clear that there was a lot of areas that I would become stuck at, I learnt how to go through a innovation process."


"The whole process was good, ran smoothly, and Co.Creator had a flexible approach which was good....This is a point that i have been stuck at previously, but this time it is with significantly more grounding beforehand, and more information about start ups, and how to develop an idea and test, this is something that I have never done previuosly. Overall I have been impressed with the process and learnt a lot from it...."



"I was glad of the clarification and support regarding strategic intent on Tuesday, and this helped me with the development of the script to add in the two new ideas....Find it useful as at times you (Co.Creator) are more able to connect some of the dots together, and get more information out the the scripts, but this is done by asking me reflective questions. Good to talk about the key themes that are coming out of the interviews. Got me to think about how we could tap into the PRU, much further that I had before...Excited about the next steps, I’m enjoying it and being challenged around my throught - has made me reflect on my own engagement with parents, and the need to change a huge amount of teacher mindsets around parents." 


"Good to start thinking about value proposition...thinking about how this could impact on schools, and what is the value of it for them, not just financially, but time wise...Feeling good about it, though I know I need to push more. Plenty of good ideas today about other customers - train the trainer through the app based work/tutors/LDOs working with participants.  Excited to be getting to the one pagers (MPVs), worried about trying to get schools to sign up and pay for somethign that doesn’t yet exist. Never thought about paying for a trial. Excited to be refining the solution down, and thinking about moving forward, but worried about what it is going to look like, and how to provide the appropriate literacy content."


"The past 4 weeks have been incredibly insightful, making me think outside the box, lots of reading, and learning as this is an area (startups) I know nothing about. Co.Creator does push me, but is mindful of the work that I do on a daily basis....One of the key things is that I have had a lot of positive feedback from teachers/parents/heads about the idea. (Co.Creator) helped me a lot to organise and work through the MVP, which I found really useful to see how to develop it, and the constant changes of wording....Great day, with the big decision made, working with parents rather than schools which feels good for me as it kind of feels in line with my first passion, giving the paretns the power... This was vindcated as I stood outside a primary school and handed out 40 MVPs to parents on a school gate, to which 23 returned saying it was a great idea, 7 returned saying not for me, and 10 weren’t returned, 23/40 I felt was pretty good as I was a complete stranger on the gate."


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