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"Too many of the technology tools (ATS) we see are focused on functionality (checkboxes and automation) and features (CV management, scheduling, etc). Given that most hiring managers recruit somewhere beween 2-5 positions a year, do we need autmomation over better relationships?


Can we develop tools with integrated  training, that is designed to build better relationships between the hiring managers and quality candidates?



Relationships centered


Design new roles 

"If we are to be competitive to respond to new and ever changing problems, we need new roles, and move away from the edit, copy and paste from existing job descriptions.


Can we help hiring managers, step by step, with the knowldge, skills, mindsets, networks and resources required to design new roles that drive meaningful impact?



Quality of hire

"In the words of one hiring manager "our ineffective hiring process: it took 3 months to make the hire, another 3 months for the new hire to figure out 70% of the job description was no longer required, left within 6 months, £10K direct recruitment fees, plus another £15K of everyones time. Traditional recruitments starts with job spec and ends with sourcing.."


Can we design an alternative path, that doesn't focus on 'getting bum on seats' but on exceptional quality of hire for mid-senior roles?

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