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Helping hiring managers and new hires onboard faster and better


How to ramp up to productivity within the first 90 days?

We've listened to  57  HR directors, hiring managers and new hires. Biggest challenge: 


HR Directors

Slow path to productivity

"...we're good at the organisational level onboarding (culture, core values, logistics) but we are not helping business units solve their business problems of deriving value from new hires quickly...our hiring managers don't a framework to develop role-level onboarding (what metrics they should create, articulating strategy, etc)...

HR Managers

It's messy

"....because so many people are involved, onboarding is everywhere, in lots of emails, checklists, regular checkin agendas, documents, powerpoints, intranet, etc - so difficult to have ONE simple view of it..."

Hiring Managers

Lack of time

"All the onus is on time-starved managers to do the 1 to 1 intros, find the time and best approach to understand their new hire's strength and weaknesses, so they can support and develop them quickly..."

New Hires

Prove my worth

"How do I prove myself so I feel secure....make sure I fit in with my team....and make sure I figure out the most urgent and important issues with my new role (given 50%+ of the job spec is out of date already...)"

We exist to solve for all these problems


It takes hiring managers less than 5 minutes to create a custom onboarding experience for their new hire. 

By inviting key stakeholders (from internal customers, mentors, manager, sub-ordinates, peers across business units etc) to build a virtual team around the new-hire. It also allows the new hire to build a purposeful network. It allows all these people to have one view of the new hire, and their role dependencies.

5 minutes

People centered

results faster

find their meaning

6x better solution

Integrated training



A shared board helps new hires to customise their own onboarding, track progress and show changes in the onboarding journey from week to week. This saves time for hiring managers who can see the live hypotheses the new hires are testing and iterating on, therefore improve communication and structured checkins. All this helps to accelerate results from new hires in their first 90 days.

The new hire can map their evolving understanding on how their work connects to the teams, to the organisation and the end customers. Helping the new hire find their own purpose, drives engagement and quality of work because it helps to focus not only on 'what' they do, but why they do it.

Behind each RoleBoard - HR can embed videos, documents, checklists to help ALL hiring managers to run structured checkins, to properly assess, coach, and engage their new talent. As well as action items for new hires to consider and do that improve business outcomes

It's designed to be one-page snapshot, a story of the key activities, to make it simple to understand and use by everyone.

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