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We provide the lowest-cost, lowest-hassle and fastest way to buy a used-car


High Risk


"After the purchase of my house, the second hand car is the biggest purchase I've made. And not being an car expert, I have no real idea of what I've bought - when I had it MOT'd I realised there are a number of things wrong with it and that's another £400 cost..."

used car buyer


Hours of time


"After having spent hours and hours on AutoTrader I arranged to visit a few cars that were within my budget and preferences, took a whole day out travelling there, checking the car out, and the pressure is always to buy. But then when I get home, I need to spend hours looking for the best insurance...

used car buyer

Bad experience


"Everytime I have to get it serviced or MOT'd I get a nagging feeling I'm being ripped off. I wish the car was as a simple as getting a mobile phone..." 

used car buyer

Step 2: Complete 5 questions

Step 1: Understand our simple model

Step 3: Drive your new car

Step 3: Drive your car


We provide a lowest-cost, lowest-hassle and fastest way to buy a used-car:


You get our one car: BMW 1 series


12 month subscription:

Get a different car after 12 months


Everything included (except fuel):

Our cost includes:

- Insurance

- Depreciation costs


- Service

- Any new parts + labour

- Breakdown cover



- Limits on mileage up to 700 miles per month

- Private use only (not business or taxi)


Cost: £190 per month


5x better than existing solutions

3x Faster: It's faster to complete, track, update and approve- than using powerpoints/excels

2x Better: Better accuracy of business cases than word templates

In our customers' own words

"an online tool to create and track business-cases I'm loving it already, since I haven't found anything similar in the market and believe it would be of much use!... "

Marisa, 10+ years as PMO Consultant


Free: 1 business case

£25 per month: for up to 5 business cases

£100 per month: for up to 50 business cases

£200 per month: Unlimited business cases

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