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Connecting the voice of the customer to every part of you organisation




1. "someone asked me in the interview 'what's your culture like' - I realised in that moment that we have no visual view of our culture - it's difficult to show our culture/values in action rather than just words...."


2. "constant learning is one of our core-values. As with all values they are supposed to be embedded in everyones' roles and help guide decisions and actions. Yet, it is proving slow to get the whole organisation to take ownership of the values in their own little and big ways.

frontline staff

3. "Whist the frontline employees receive training and direct connection to the customer - the backoffice staff from IT to middle management receive little or connection to customers every week..."


Culture Canvas

Anyone in your organisation can submit ideas for engaging and translating values into practical ways: Employees can join specific ideas for engagement (new behaviours, events, readings, initiatives, etc). Plus receive ideas from a community of organisations with shared values.






People centered

5 minutes

Allow your employees to present their own interpretation of the problems the values solves - for their own roles. 

One page dashboard is a simple, real-time view of values across the organisation. 

90%+ of actions with values are hidden from the rest of the organisation, often locked into private conversations (e.g. annual performance reviews). Culture canvas allows you be to transparent - presenting stories and evidence (photos, tweets, videos, and learning) of engagement with the core-values

With a pre-tested template, be up and running in 5 minutes with ability to customise any part of the one-page culture canvas

People make things happen. Show the connections between the different people (from executive sponsors, to monthly rotating owners, followers etc) making it effective communication and collaboration tool 



Following full implementation, company executives expect about $50 million in improvement in earnings*

In our customers' own words

"Wow!!...finally I can show everyone from the Board-level, to new employees, to front line to managers - practical way to engage with culture... "

Tracy, Head of Culture


Free: 1 values dashboard

£100 per month per core-value canvas

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