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We help you develop a business-case for using videos strategically - for free

Limited seats every month

Helping product managers use video faster, better and cheaper


80% of businesses believe video content provides a competitive edge over competition*

Yet few business use videos strategically. We've listened to the challenges of 25 product managers


compelling business


"business leaders are particularly looking for ‘clear communication as to the benefits of video content’ which is often missing from most videos created

Lack of impact

"Product managers know the importance of video as a communication and engagement tool. But without the skills and training in video and without clear end-user engagement and actions, 90%+ of the potential impact of videos is lost...." 



" just takes too bring together the different stakeholders (videographer, editor, business owner, subjects in the video, approver….etc) in the process of creating, managing and approving the video. The whole video workflow is unstructured, slow and time-consuming.

"It takes a lot of time to source and commission a videographer team. The last quote we received was for £5K+ for one video... There isn't cost effective pricing plans for videos"

We help you use video to drive customer engagement, sales or funding


Step 1 - Free

Business case

We provide an effective video workflow with 2 key steps:

1) one to one coaching, helping you to build a compelling one-page business case  

2) one-page storyboard.


No obligation to continue to step 2. 

Step 2

We do

(nearly) everything

We film the video (be they animation, technical or product walk-throughs) in one-day.



First draft delivery within 24 hours, with your end customer/ user testing to refine the edits, and final delivery within 5 days.



Step 3


We provide weekly, one to one coaching to help you as product managers, to drive engagement and sales using the video(s) created.



5x cheaper

Business Creativity


than alternative similar quality comparisons of freelancers, working out at £1.2k for 60 second video, instead of £5K+ per video

"Most product/service videos suck", they are focused on the product, not the customer. We are specialists in finding creative ways to use video

What's a video if not watched? We help ensure engagement with the videos and focus on a Return on Investment

In our customers' own words

"We had a limited budget, a vague idea of the value we need from the videos, and quotes from videographers were full of ifs and buts in terms of requirements.... what we love about VideoCanvas is the simplicity of the whole process of video impact"

Product Manager


Simple, cost effective pricing plan

£20 per second of video

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