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Helping organisations create more value with dynamic business cases



1. "Business cases are presented as a sea of documents (powerpoints and excels) with many versions, stored in Sharepoint, rarely reopened. It is difficult to track their progress, once written they are rarely updated...." "difficult to collate feedback easily from a wide variety of stakeholders." "business cases are filled in retrospectively, becomes a sales document not an effective tool for delivery

PMO managers

2. "Business cases are woeful and inaccurate. Projects go over budget. This is normal because people feel they don't have time to do business cases properly and just run them to get some funding...and are there to be rubber-stamped rather than challenged authentically...."   "Many great people are leaving the organisation because they feel frustrated in not being able to create their business case for change..."  "It's difficult for senior leaders to know which parts to challenge vs coach project sponsors on...."

senior management/CFO/executive leaders

3. "Business cases are seen as a barrier for innovation and agility in organisations. They are bureaucractic because many times it feels like I'm filling in a document rather than engaging in the learning process which is critical for successful approval and action..." "There are fundmentally different processes for different types of business -cases, and in some cases where we should have business-cases (e.g. new hires) we don't have anything...."

business-case owners/project sponsors

One-page solution

Allow PMOs to easily create custom workflows and templates for a) different types of business cases ranging from new hiring, new innovations, new projects and b) for different budget levels - all through a simple one-page interface.

Portfolio management: Allow senior leaders to see aggregate views across multiple business cases e.g. how specific strategies are being translated into business cases, see deviations or exceptions from forecasted costs, see overall requests for investment, and where the bottlenecks are in the approval process.

Better business cases: It's not a static document.  Our embedded coaching videos help project sponsors to evaluate costs/benefits/metrics at the moment of need. This allows project sponsors to craft more effective and realistic story to senior leaders for faster approval. 

Transparent: Allow senior decision makers to see which parts of the business case are hypotheses based on best-guess, which areas have been tested but need more data, and which have credible traction. They are able to challenge business cases in a consistent way, and be part of the journey to creation of effective cases.

Better quality assurance: Allows PMO managers to easily do quality assurance and tracking of business case post approval, during the different stages of implementation and post reviews.

Faster business cases: It's a one page, visually engaging tool, allowing project sponsors to complete the first draft within 30 minutes.

People centered: McKinsey research highlights that the earlier the business-case implementors are involved, the better the realisation of the intended value. Our tool allows different stakeholders to have one-view, give short sharp feedback (rather than long emails) and be aligned - 'on the same page'. It effectively integrates change management into the decision making process, with a focus on people first, documentation second.

Agile: Allow CxO level to build a process to enable agility across the whole organisation.

Accessible: The one page becomes a living breathing "execuive summary" - Allow different decision makers to drill down into different areas easily. For example for finance executive to drill down into payback period, assumptions on growth rates, discount factors, basic P&L with key costs, margins, employee numbers, ability to flex assumptions. For CEOs to drill down into the strategy alignment. For COO to drill down in the implementation, change and risk building blocks.

SaaS Platform: Whilst we deliver the front-end and functionality, the busines-case specific models (e.g. cost models, revenue models) come from experts.


5x better than existing solutions

3x Faster: It's faster to complete, track, update and approve- than using powerpoints/excels

2x Better: Better accuracy of business cases than word templates

In our customers' own words

"an online tool to create and track business-cases I'm loving it already, since I haven't found anything similar in the market and believe it would be of much use!... "

Marisa, 10+ years as PMO Consultant


Free: 1 business case

£25 per month: for up to 5 business cases

£100 per month: for up to 50 business cases

£200 per month: Unlimited business cases

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