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Co.Creator is working with 10+ global organisations, delivered over 3000 hours of learning, on average resulting in 90% having customers, and generated total of $2m+ in funding or revenue.

Yin Lingyu

Founder/CEO: Barba Box

Problem: There is a lack of parental engagement in early childhood education.


Solution: Delivering to parents - the knowledge, skills, resources and networks to engage with their children - to impact 1,000,000 families.

Impact rating of Co.Creator: 

Leadership Development




Recommendation (out of 10) :







- "No one told me that I am capable to create my own start-up. I was not that confident to do it."

- "Didn't know where to start. I did not know about what necessary knowledge and skills I should process to start a business."

- "I thought too big and too much before."



Mindsets: "This is the part I got the most progress in this program. People like us can successfully create a start-up if we hold the knowledge and skills and then execute it in the right way; execution is much more important than an idea; finding what the clients' need rather than what you want to do and imagine..."


Journey:  "The idea I come into the program with was organizing training activities for parents. After much listening and exploring 2 paths,  the idea I am leaving with is creating a solution for parent and kids' activities at home. At the same time, parents' networking and education mobile App is offered. - I will definitely continue work on my start up because I think it is a good idea...."

- "Feel happy and exciting that we finally got something that parents would like to pay for- There are still lots of work to do. But it is (getting) clearer and clearer...."

- "I like the feeling of using my brain and I can feel my brain rotating fast!..."

- "Co. Creator is like an engine! It helps to start everything about startup..."


Knowledge: (Now understand) what is the difference between a start-up and a normal business, what kind of teammates you need to organize your team at the beginning, what is a minimal viable product, what is business model and so on.


Skills: How to define a problem and how to find a solution, how to do clients interviews, how to create a proper business model, how to write a good pitch-deck and so on.


Framework: The need to decide on 2 paths of what I will explore in the rest of the program + what I will not do - helps to bring clarity and focus.


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