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Co.Creator Education - Availability
Aug-Sep '13
No spaces left

15 entrepreneurs in

10+ countries

Nov-Dec 13
No spaces left

This Co.Creator is offered to individuals ONLY, as entrepreneurs

Jan-Feb' 14
No spaces left

30 places signed up

10 organisation in 10 different countries

Mar-Apr' 14
No spaces left
No spaces left
No spaces left

20 places signed up

by 10 organisations in 10 different countries 




External Incubator
Setting up a
P&L unit
Co.Creator vs other innovation building capabilities
Innovation Jams
Employee time
Culture Impact


(market research, prototyping etc)


~$3000pp (event + opportunity cost) 

over 4 days

~$1500pp (event + opportunity cost) 

over 1 day


(physical space, design program...)


(hiring employees)



(designing, running, evaluating)


Org. Learning

~790 subcription fee

per month + integrated to day job

Impact potential 

We offer a complimentary conversation on your idea, needs, questions, or suitability. We would love to help, by sharing our lessons learned in this space. Contact us

Lead Director of Co.Creator Education
Talk to Us

Experience: 13+ years

Director of Innovation: Designed and delivered an ultra-low-cost and scalable (online) incubator focused on the education sector.

Networks in Education:

- Direct access to 100+ global education organisations 

500+ edu'preneurs in 30+ countries

- Direct access to a community of funders and incubators (e.g. Imagine K-12, Emerge Venture Lab, Unltd, etc)

Manager: Built up and managed a market intelligence department at a leading consultancy

Interests: Disruptive cross industry innovation. Creating a new spoken word genre in Urdu song-writing. Writing a book on CEO as designer, chef, editor, peace envoy...

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